Check Case Status:  Click here to check your case status for any petitions pending before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

USCIS Case Processing TimesClick here to check processing times for applications/petitions filed with the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services.

INFOPASS Appointments: It is advisable for the attorney to handle Infopass appointments for you.  However, in some instances the questions are simple enough not to require an attorney.  Click here to schedule an in-person INFOPASS appointment with your local USCIS office.

Information about a Case in Immigration Court:  If you are in removal proceedings in Immigration Court, you may check your next hearing date or past decision information by dialing 1-800-898-7180 and providing your alien registration number, known as an “A” number. (Example: A011-343-789)

Submit a Status Inquiry to USCIS: If you have immigration-related questions, you may call the USCIS National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283. For certain applications, you can also submit an e-request online, here.  You should be prepared to provide the USCIS representative with specific information about your application, such as your receipt number, Alien Registration Number, Name and Date of Birth. Note: USCIS representatives are not available to provide you with legal advice, nor is it appropriate for you to share sensitive or potentially damaging information through this call number. Such information should be directed to your attorney.

Directions to your local USCIS District Office:

  • The Baltimore USCIS District Office is located in the 3701 Koppers Street, Baltimore, Maryland. For a map and directions, please click here.
  • The Washington District Office is located at 2675 Prosperity Avenue, Fairfax, Virginia. For a map and directions, please click here.

Directions to your Local Immigration Court:

  • The Baltimore Immigration Court is located in the George H. Fallon Federal Building at 31 Hopkins Plaza, Suite 440. For a map and directions to this Court, please click here.
  • The Arlington Immigration Court is located at 1901 S. Bell Street, Suite 200, Arlington, VA 22202. For a map and directions to this Court, please click here.